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Fine Arts
Contact Enoeka Abasumoh  Enoeka Abasumoh Band Director
Language Arts
Contact Aaron Chavez  Aaron Chavez ELA 8
Contact Dawn Fernandez  Dawn Fernandez Language Arts
Contact Ed Clark  Ed Clark Teacher
Contact Pinky Escala  Pinky Escala Math 7
Contact Michaella Ferrari Fuentes  Michaella Ferrari Fuentes Technology Teacher
Contact Joemil Merlin  Joemil Merlin Teacher
Contact Paul Sherick  Paul Sherick Math 7
Physical Education (PE)
Contact Delbert Huckabay  Delbert Huckabay Physical Education/Health
Contact Derick Castillo  Derick Castillo Science 8
Contact Octaviano Harvey  Octaviano Harvey Science 7
Contact Terry Platt  Terry Platt Science 7/Inclusion
Social Studies
Contact Lorraine Archibald  Lorraine Archibald Social Studies 8/Inclusion
Contact Daniel Dumas  Daniel Dumas Social Studies 7
Contact Georgia Garcia  Georgia Garcia Social Studies 6/Inclusion
Contact Jacqueline Icenogle  Jacqueline Icenogle Social Studies 8
Spanish and Bilingual Education
Contact Angela Garcia  Angela Garcia Spanish Social Studies 6
Contact Louie Garcia  Louie Garcia Spanish LA 6/Bilingual Coordinator
Special Education Head Teacher
Contact Angelique Cowder  Angelique Cowder (505) 877-3770 ex: 50569 Head Special Education Teacher
Special Education
Contact Rebecca Arnett  Rebecca Arnett Special Education Math 7 and 8/Science Inclusion
Contact James Billingham  James Billingham MCI LA 6/Inclusion Read 180
Contact Jeffrey Hill  Jeffrey Hill IGS
Contact Kenneth Mahan  Kenneth Mahan Special Education Social Studies 8/Inclusion
Contact James Sedillo  James Sedillo Special Education Science 6/Inclusion
Contact Jessica Willey  Jessica Willey Special Education Science 7/Inclusion
Educational Assistants
Contact Vivian Brooks  Vivian Brooks Educational Assistant
Contact Daniel Knight  Daniel Knight Educational Assistant
Contact Ranee Lovato  Ranee Lovato Educational Assistant
Contact Carmen Montoya  Carmen Montoya Educational Assistant/Special Education
Contact Katy Ortiz Contreras  Katy Ortiz Contreras Educational Assistant
Contact Stacia Duarte  Stacia Duarte Principal
Assistant Principal
Contact Eugene Anderson  Eugene Anderson Assistant Principal
Dean of Students
Contact Elva Murillo-Lawry  Elva Murillo-Lawry Dean of Students
Administration & Support Staff
Contact Isabel Avalos  Isabel Avalos Clerk
Contact Dolores Candelaria  Dolores Candelaria Admin. Secretrary/Bookkeeper
Counseling Staff
Contact Madeline Kruse  Madeline Kruse School counselor 7-8
Contact Marla Smith-trujillo  Marla Smith-trujillo Counselor 6 - 7
Health Office
Contact Konnie Nelson  Konnie Nelson Nurse
Contact Michelle Burns  Michelle Burns Staff
Contact Shaun Sanchez  Shaun Sanchez BCSO/School Resource Officer
Instructional Coach
Contact Darlene Pilon  Darlene Pilon Instructional Coach
Contact Michaella Ferrari Fuentes  Michaella Ferrari Fuentes Technology Teacher
Contact Richard Lopez  Richard Lopez Librarian
READ 180
Contact Nicole Romero  Nicole Romero Teacher
Contact Dawn Fernandez  Dawn Fernandez Language Arts
Social Worker/Therapists
Student Success Center
Contact Ida Armijo  Ida Armijo Student Success Center