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Family Center

Services offered

  • Parent access to computers and Internet (to access Parent VUE, to pay bills, to write a resume, fill out a volunteer application etc.)
  • Community gathering place with a kitchen area
  • Reading materials for parents
  • Bank of donations to give to students:
    • Clothing that adheres to the dress code
    • Personal hygiene products
    • School supplies
    • Food items
  • Information about free and low-cost food resources
  • Help with finding community resources (affordable healthcare options, services for homeless families, etc.)
  • Translation/interpretation from Spanish to English (and English to Spanish)
  • Informal Parent Q&A (to talk about grades, etc.)
  • Title 1 McKinney-Vento Homeless Project applications
  Esther Dean Family Liaison, Ed Asst
  Stacia Duarte Principal
Family Center — Room D1
Family Center