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Agendas are required for all students. All students receive an agenda at no cost at the beginning of the year. Students who lose or destroy their agendas are required to purchase a new one in the office for $5. In addition to serving as a homework log, student agendas also serve as hall passes and accountability cards.


Report Absences: (505) 877-3770 ext. 50500

Speak to the secretary before the end of the day that your student is absent.

  • Only a parent or legal guardian may notify the school of absences
  • Notify the school each day that the student will be absent, before the end of the day
  • Please refer to the APS Student Behavior Handbook for a list of excusable absences

If you need help finding reliable transportation to school, contact the Family Liaison:


The Federal No Child Left Behind Act requires that states, school districts, and schools be held accountable for ensuring that all students meet high academic standards. On time, daily attendance is a critical component of this educational process. New Mexico law dictates that:

  • Students between the ages of five (5) and eighteen (18) years of age are mandated to attend public school, private school, home school or a state institution.
  • The Albuquerque Public Schools District reports habitual truants to the Children’s Court Liaison office and to the State of New Mexico.

Albuquerque Public Schools strongly believes that daily school attendance is necessary for students to fully benefit from the instructional program. Excessive absenteeism, regardless of the reason, will negatively impact student academic achievement.

Student Pick-up & Sign Out Procedures

  1. You MUST present a photo ID.
  2. You MUST be on your student's records to be authorized to check-out.
  3. If you are checking out your student for a doctor's appointment, you MUST turn in a doctor's note to the front office the next day in order for it to be an excused absence.
  4. To make the end of the day run smoother for us all, we ask you to please avoid checking-out your student after 2:30 PM.

Dress Code

Pants/ Shorts/ Skirts

  • Dockers Style or jeans (any color) with no uncovered holes above the knee
  • Not permitted: transparent or sheer materials, net or lace.
  • Shorts or skirts must also be an appropriate length (approximately no shorter than 2 inches above the knee).
  • Sagging and bagging is not acceptable. Pants/ Shorts/ Skirts should be worn at the waist or hip level. Leg bottoms should not drag on the ground. No underwear or skin should be showing. The crotch should not be near knees. Pants/ Shorts/ Skirts should also not be excessively tight.


  • Polo shirt or T-shirt
  • Shirts must cover skin from the armpit level to the top of the pants.

Other Guidelines:

  • Baseball caps are not allowed on campus. If worn, they will be confiscated.
  • Gang related attire, including bandanas, bandana clothing items, and accessories are NEVER acceptable.
  • Attire and accessories that promote or display alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sexual activity or violence are not permitted on campus.

Students and their parents/guardians are:

  • Responsible to be aware of the dress code.
  • Responsible to adhere to the requirements.
  • Responsible to be in standard dress at all times when on campus.

For School Uniform Assistance or Questions:

  • The Ernie Pyle Parent Center and Operation School Bell offer a limited supply of clothing and shoe vouchers for students.
  • Further information is available in the EPMS office.
  • School Spirit Shirts are available for sale in the EPMS office.

Dress Code Violations:

  • Step 1: Parents Called to bring in proper clothing
  • Step 2: Parents called to bring in proper clothing and 2 days lunch detention
  • Step 3: Parents called to bring in proper clothing and 3 days lunch detention
  • Step 4: Administrative meeting with parents, Dress Code Contract and daily check ins

*The administration reserves the right to interpret and modify the dress policy. All administrative decisions are final.