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What You Need To Register

Beginning in 2018 Registration can be completed online using ParentVue. Visit the APS Enrollment page to learn about immunization, proof of address requirements and how to use ParentVue to enroll your student.

After completing the registration online you will still need to attend the school registration process to obtain your school class schedule and Welcome Packet for your student(s).

Documents Needed

  1. *Current Utility bill in parents/guardians name showing address in school district. NOTE: If you are living with a relative whose address belongs to our school district, you will be required to fill out a "Family Living with Family" form and it MUST be notarized.
  2. *Updated vaccination record
  3. *Photo ID of parent/guardian

APS Transfers

If your child is transferring from another APS School, they must have an approved APS District transfer on file if your address is NOT in our school district. If you are moving from another APS school to Ernie Pyle because you moved and your address is now in our school district-follow guidelines above.